At Engage All Africa, our mission to provide human dignity, equity and accountability through people’s active participation, capacity enhancement and access to resources for self and community development

We are working towards improvement of youth livelihood, women empowerment, education and health and sanitation awareness initiatives in Uganda to improve the living conditions of the poor and marginalized by adopting strategies through community initiative, participation andThrough our Engage Wash Clubs project,

we believe that we shall be able to enable each girl to keep in school. And one of the most effective ways we identified is to form the Engage Wash Clubs in the different schools whereby we shall form small groups of girls that will be equip with knowledge related to Menstrual Hygiene management and they will act as cheer leaders to the rest of the girls in the school and also to provide menstrual kits to all girls that will help the girls to manage their monthly menses effectively.

We intend to distribute over 1000 menstrual hygiene kits to primarily pupils in Buhehe ,Busia TC, Dabani, Masaba and Masafu what will benefit 250 pupils in each sub countries in Busia District.

A menstrual hygiene kits will involve

1.Three reusable/washable pads,
2.Storage bag,
3.2 pair of underwear, 4.Acomb with a mirror,
5.Nail Cutter,
6.Toothbrush/toothpaste 7.Shaver
8.Book that will educate girls on Body changes written in both local language and English.

Engage All Africa intends to train girls to make the reusable pads that will be distributed in the Kits as well as the storage bags.

Each Menstrual hygiene kit will cost around 15 Dollars, and we shall ensure that Girls will remain in school and also maintain their dignity.

By offering your gift of $15 , you will be able to change the lives of 1000 pupils living in the four sub counties in Busia District.

Donation Amount

$ 15- 1 kits
$ 30-2 kits
$ 60-4 kits
Other Amount