Volunteers Need Africa (VONA) is a dedicated and committed Ugandan grassroots charity which avails opportunities to all categories of people across the world who need to travel to Africa to share their knowledge, innovations and experiences to the least important people (Matthew 25:35-40); such as the orphans, Vulnerable children (like those from children headed families), needy youth, the hungry, Prisoners, people with disabilities (PWDs), widows and widowers, single mothers, the neglected old people and needy communities in Africa. The needy communities are those that lack access to water, have poor sanitation, poor road network, food scarcity, un favorable health conditions, limited education opportunities etc,


To be a leading life changing agency in the lives of volunteers and the least important people in the needy communities of Africa


To offer care and supportive social services to the needy communities of Africa through Gospel, education, sports, health, Agriculture, vocational skills, Micro-finance and in other areas of community need.

VONA Objectives

  • To change the lives of the needy communities and people in Africa
  • To offer conducive, loving and appropriate placements of volunteers in  projects and communities across Africa
  • To support the establishment of social facilities like Education centers, health centers sports grounds, micro-finance centers and agricultural centers to serve as role model projects where we can provide quality and affordable services to the needy people  in Africa
  • To support income generating activities to help self sustain programs and activities  under NOVA like in Agriculture and service provision
  • To organize Safaris, Tours and Travel programs for Volunteers to exciting places to help them experience the real life in Africa

VONA Core Values

  • Volunteerism
  • God Fearing
  • Team work
  • Service above Self
  • Love
  • Transparency

Issue Areas Include

  • Agriculture
  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Volunteering