Volunteers Need Africa (VONA) is a dedicated and committed Ugandan grassroots charity which avails opportunities to all categories of people across the world who need to travel to Africa to share their knowledge, innovations and experiences to the least important people (Matthew 25:35-40); such as the orphans, Vulnerable children (like those from children headed families), needy youth, the hungry, Prisoners, people with disabilities (PWDs), widows and widowers, single mothers, the neglected old people and needy communities in Africa.


Join a group of international Volunteers to construct a vocational training center which will help empower the needy youths to acquire the practical skills in shoes making, bricks making, carpentry, exercise books making, tailoring, plumbing, motor vehicle mechanics, construction work, electrical installation e.t c. And we also do guide the Volunteers with the Travel, Tour & Safaris to visit around exciting places in Uganda and in some other African countries. We urgently need International volunteers across the world to share their knowledge, skills, innovations and experiences in orphanages, junior schools, high schools, health centers, vocational skill training centers, sports coaching/training, agriculture gardening, microfinance and environmental conservation to provide services in needy communities of Uganda while give care to orphans, needy children, widows, single poor mothers, needy youths, very old neglected people and people living with HIV/AIDS.